Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I think it is time to exercise my blogging

There are really only 2 Worldviews:

1. Humanist--The world revolves around you and you are the most important part of the world

2. Biblical--God is the creator and the World and all that in it are His and He is the most important part of the World.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Worldview, what is it?

Well, lets see what the new favorite reference guide says:

according to Wikipedia it is the fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or society encompassing natural philosophy, fundamental existential and normative postulates or themes, values, emotions and ethics. (What?!, that is wordy)

According to Francis Schaeffer, a worldview is the grid through which one sees the world.

According to Voddie Baucham it is the set of instructions by which you determine the proper place for every thought, action, behavior, opinion, and decision in your life.

The dictionary says: The overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world.

Basically, it is how you see and react to the world you live in. My next few blogs will work to identify some worldviews and come up with reasonable ways to have a Biblical Worldview.
This will bring out some ideas that are in direct opposition to the culture of our day, the secular one and the one in the church.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


What makes up a worldview? What are the prevailing worldviews in our society today?
How does one make sure they have a biblical Christian worldview and not a cultural Christian Worldview? How should Christians go about the battle against the secular humanist worldview that dominates the culture, so much so that it is often present in American churches? Psychology, is it okay to integrate with biblical counseling? I am beginning my research to determine the Biblical response to these things.

Monday, August 10, 2009


on the following thoughts that I have read over the past week or so

In a society that commends greed....many believers have become pretty greedy spiritually.

Consequently, the focus of 20 somethings has become less about building mature relationships and fulfilling responsibilities, and more about enjoying oneself, traveling, and trying on identities and relationships.

These quotes were from 2 seperate but related articles.
They kind of go along with what I have been thinking about the last few weeks. We have a great party to look to in Heaven, but it seems like we are taking advantage of that party now, and not doing the work that needs to be done so the celebration will be fitting. We seem to think we are put here to enjoy everything, but we are put here to do to what God has asked us to do......which is to spread the message that He is able to reconcile sinners to himself and there is a great celebration to come. I wonder, do we need to hold off on our celebration and be about the work of the Lord with more enthusiasm?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Unconditional Surrender

Currently, I am contemplating what it would look like if every Christian were to unconditionally surrender to our Lord...mainly, the author of this, but what if every Christian did......

I think the gospel would be preached, the lost would be found, relationships restored, captives would be set free, the sick would be healed, the lame would walk, the deaf would hear, but for sure all Glory would go to our Lord and our God.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Write, Run, Wait and It will Happen

This is has been marinating in my soul for a long time.....Hopefully, it is not way to long....for all my 2's or 3's of readers (that count may be high)
Habakkuk 2:2-3

2 Then the Lord answered me and said, Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run.
3 For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail.
Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay.

For those of you who are Bible Expositors, I know the interpertation of this passage is a propehcy, but I am going to focus on the application for me. I would like to do an exercise and write the vision that I think is to come for me, and that it will come soon......

The format of this will be, The Vision, The Obstacle and What it will take to overcome that obstacle.

The Vision: To find a life's work that I either enjoy or care about, preferably both.
The Obstacle: It seems I might be stuck in the industry that I am currently employed (which is Retirement related, and I don't think retirement is really a Biblical concept (see Luke 12:16-20) Right now is not the time to be making career changes and unfortunately, my college education is causing me a great deal of frustration because there are very few options for extending my education....ah ABC, money well spent (written with even more than usual sarcasm for me......if that is possible).
The Overcoming: Well, Jesus said with man things are impossible, but with God all things are possible (he was talking about salvation, but the application applies). I intend to learn another language (espanol, and really pray about this). Life is not meant to be lived just doing something to do something......The Bible says to redeem the time, not to pass the time. I am currently seeking how to redeem my alloted time in this life.

The Vision: to be a man who really knows the Bible, and more importantly the God of the Bible (His name is Jesus).
The Obstacle: The Bible is a long read, that is written in an ancient context. Fortunately, it is a living word and the Holy Spirit illuminates the meaning. I am easily distracted and start reading everything but the Bible. Want to know any of the rosters of the Rangers, or any of there several minor league affiliates......Well, then ask me......I would much prefer that I know the Holy Word of God like I know things about the Rangers........
The Overcoming: Read, Reread, Study, Study some more, give priority to the Word. I am currently in the market for a good book on the customs of the Bible......Also, I hope to be a life long student of the Word.....I feel like I am in about Kindergarten right now....maybe one day, i will get to a junior high level

The Vision: To marry a good and godly woman, to lead her spiritually, love her like Christ loves the Church (which is to say selflessly, and without condition), to have kid or kids who grow up in a Home where they are discipled in that home.
The Obstacle: Girls, I am not good with the ladies
The Overcoming: someone else will have to tell me........I spend a lot of time studying Family driven faith, what a man should be and things along those lines.........but right now they are all just ideas in my head......I need to figure out how to put these in practice.......I think the line in the book I most identified with was from the biography of Tony Dungy, he said he was only married because someone stepped in and helped him out, if not he would probably still be single...

The Vision: This is for my current abode.........I would like to start having people over more often and serving them and finding out their story.....when they became a Christian, what are they trying to accomplish in life, How has God ordained that path etc.......
The Obstacle: Well, it does not seem like there any......I just need to start doing this.
The Overcoming: I just need to start doing this......I think July will be a good time to start, if anyone will come......we will see

The Vision: Part II for my current abode. I think once or twice a month I would like to have people over for a prayer format, no conditions, just plain old fashioned crying out before God and for one another.
The Obstacle: None really, I just need to start doing this.
The Overcoming: The same as above, I just need to take initiative and get it done......why does that word keep coming up so much lately.....initiative, initiative and initiative?????. Everything I read keeps telling me to take initiative, maybe I should take some initiative.

This seems long enough for the time being......

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, a holiday we probably enjoy without the proper consideration of those who died for our freedom. I think a good question to ponder on this date, is what would you die for. I have not known a lot of people in the military, my Grandfather served in WWII, my Uncle in Vietnam and one of my friends has served in the current military campaign. Fortunately, none of them paid the ultimate price in the line of duty, but each was willing. I hope that there are no war protests going on today. Today is not a day to state your opinion concerning if you think any of the wars that have been fought or are being fought are just, just a day to remember those who died so that you can state your opinion.

Now, back to my question. Some have paid the ultimate price and given their life for our country, what are you willing to give your life for? I think most people would say for their family and most people would probably say for their country, but this is the most amazing thing about the incarnate God, who is Jesus Christ. He gave His life for all of us. He knew that we would be in constant rebellion to Him, that we would deny that he existed, ignore what he has directed and live our lives in direct conflict to Him. For most countries this might be enough to start a war with a people who were like we are toward God, for God this was enough to finish a war for us, by paying the ultimate price, the life of His son, Jesus.

So on Memorial day, please remember and honor the soldier even if you do not agree with the wars we are fighting. Also, remember Christ, because just as a soldier fought for our physical freedom, Christ fought and won for our spiritual freedom, He paid the price and He was now won the war so that we may live in peace with Him here in this world, and for eternity in the World to come.